Brisbane Regulatory Expertise LawyersThe maritime industry is subject to a plethora of regulation from a large number of sources: International (IMO), National (AMSA) and State. Compliance is a subject fraught with difficulty when trying to understand what rules apply to which vessel, depending on such issues as the vessel’s size, its purpose, its registration, the nature of the voyage and even its location. Whether the issue is seaworthiness, licensing of seafarers, coastal shipping regulation, environmental protection or safe operation of ships, the maritime industry has had to adapt and change to a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Pacific Maritime has the practical and legal knowledge to assist vessel owners, operators and masters to navigate the regulatory compliance minefield. Pacific Maritime Lawyers’ regulatory and prosecution experience means that we are ideally placed to assist the maritime community with all their compliance needs.

Pacific Maritime Lawyers Pty Ltd offers:

  • Desktop audits of maritime business compliance from a whole of government perspective.
  • Assessment of procedures and the critical issue of record-keeping.
  • Assistance with environmental compliance, including the prevention of marine pollution and the requirements of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
  • Liaison with government authorities on any compliance issue, including safe operation, safe manning and licensing.

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