PML achieves ISO9001:2015

PML is proud to announce that following an intense period of work, we have attained ISO9001:2015 compliance through Bureau Veritas.

Specialists in all things ‘Maritime Law’

Pacific Maritime Lawyers are qualified maritime and legal professionals with a breadth of legal, business, and maritime knowledge. Pacific Maritime Lawyers provides legal advice and litigation services with specific experience in Superyacht sales and purchases, contracts for charters, commercial maritime law, marine insurance law, maritime employment law and regulatory compliance. Our knowledge and skill has been utilized in Australian Government regulatory bodies, international shipping and insurance companies. We have extensive experience in ship inspections, project development, project and asset management, maritime incident investigation, audits, risk assessments, commercial negotiations and business management.

We have acted in many vessel sales and purchases, from multi-million dollar commercial vessels to recreational yachts.  We also have extensive experience in chartering, from single voyage charters for the export of bulk commodities through to bareboat chartering for domestic commercial vessel operations.

Pacific Maritime Lawyers are the Maritime Registrar for St Kitts and Nevis. We can assist with company incorporation in Nevis as well as vessel registration and flagging.

We have lawyers who have been appointed as Notary Public Officers in Queensland and New South Wales. We also offer NSW Justice of the Peace services.

Pacific Maritime Lawyers is owned and operated by Maritime Law professionals with backgrounds as Master Mariners and in defence force service. Pacific Maritime Lawyers and Consultants have postgraduate audit, business, and legal qualifications as well as holding Class 1 marine certificates of competency.

Pacific Maritime offers practical and results-oriented legal services to all sectors of the Maritime Industry, including:

  • Small marine businesses, such as hire and drive operators and timeshare vessels
  • Superyachts and supporting businesses
  • Domestic Commercial Vessels, such as fishing charter vessels
  • Commercial Fishing Industry
  • Passenger Ferry Operators
  • Commercial Tourism Operators, especially in the Great Barrier Reef and South East Queensland whale watching enterprises
  • Major Shipping, including liner trade operators, bulk trades, oil and gas operations, towing and dredging
  • Ports, port facilities and terminals
  • Marine pilots
  • Marine insurance, including H&M, P&I Clubs, cargo claims and personal injury
  • Financial Institutions, lenders and investors in marine businesses
  • Government regulators and service providers, including marine safety agencies
  • Defence Industries and service providers, especially Navy

We believe in straightforward, practical, commercial advice which you can use immediately to protect your position or to resolve your disputes.