The first few hours of an incident are absolutely critical and it is essential for the first response to be conducted by professionals with a clear eye on legal liabilities and responsibilities.

Preservation of the scene, collection of evidence and initial notes taken of conversations with the people concerned are absolutely vital to know what happened and to make properly informed decisions.  A comprehensive investigation is absolutely critical to the successful resolution of all the subsequent matters that usually flow from an incident: insurance claims, regulatory prosecutions, civil claims, resolving any concerns about seaworthiness, administrative actions against vessel registration or seafarer qualifications, or any other of the multitude of legal processes that can follow a serious incident.

At Pacific Maritime Lawyers, we have extensive experience in managing the first response to incidents, both safety and pollution incidents, to ensure a superior outcome for all parties concerned. Our first response can be activated as soon as we are notified of the incident, and we can have lawyers and investigators on site anywhere in Australia on the same day.

We can also provide support during investigations and interviews to ensure that the interests of our clients are properly protected.

If you are interested in discussing our first response services, please Contact us to arrange a consultation.