FREE “Boat Buy/Sell Kit” – Put together by us for You!!

Selling or buying a boat? Whether this is your first boat purchase, or your tenth, it is important that you do it right and protect your interests. A written contract is the first step.

The Pacific Maritime Lawyers Boat Buy/Sell Kit prepares you with a standard contract, instructions on how to conduct the transaction, and useful forms and fact sheets. All to prepare you to conduct the transaction yourself, without the need to pay a broker or a lawyer.

  • What if the seller runs away with your deposit and you never get to even set eyes on the boat?
  • What if the boat is half the size you thought it would be? Or is 10 years older than the photos in the advertisement?
  • What if the seller is not the real owner of the boat, has it been stolen?
  • All of those questions that run through your mind as you shake the hand of a bloke with a boat, or send an email to the courteous online seller, your mind ca
  • n be put to ease by using our Boat Buy/Sell Kit.

And if your circumstances are a little complicated, maybe the boat is a commercial vessel, or the seller lives in another country, then just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

Download here:  Boat Buy-Sell Kit – Pacific Maritime Lawyers