Disputes sometimes arise despite everyone’s best intentions.  At Pacific Maritime, we are very experienced litigators with a strong track record in protecting our client’s interests.  But we also keep a close eye on  resolving disputes at the earliest opportunity to keep costs and stress to a minimum.  A commercial or negotiated resolution is nearly always preferable to long, drawn out and expensive litigation.

Whether your dispute or claim involves:

  • repairs to vessels
  • losses arising out of marine incidents
  • misrepresentations associated with marine contracts
  • breaches of marine contracts, whether sale or charter or otherwise
  • marine-based negligence

we have the maritime and legal skills to advance your interests.

We are active in Admiralty claims, and have successfully arrested a number of vessels in recent times.  This is a unique process available to maritime lawyers, and can lead to speedy and cost-effective resolution of disputes.

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