Being the subject of an investigation or an interview working on can be an intrusive and stressful experience. Usually an investigation follows an already stressful experience, such as an incident or accident, and the investigation can add to the feelings of confusion and upset that a person is already feeling.

At Pacific Maritime Lawyers, we understand that being involved in an investigation can be intimidating and emotionally draining. We also that the finding of an investigation has the potential to seriously affect your life, your employment and even your criminal history.  We have extensive experience in assisting clients with the investigative process, including by preparing statements, participating in interviews, and negotiating with regulatory authorities to ensure that the investigation process is made as smooth as is possible.

Unfortunately, clients often approach us immediately after having provided a statement or participated in an interview with a regulatory authority.  Our clients realise, just a little too late, that they are in serious trouble. We always recommend that you do not participate in an interview or provide any form of statement to any regulatory authority without speaking to lawyers first.  If you think you may be the subject of an investigation, call immediately.

If you would like assistance with the investigation process and interview support, then please Contact us to arrange a consultation without delay.